Friday, January 11, 2008

When Unexpected Accident Hits

This morning, I was extra early in going to work. Azrael and I were riding a shuttle going to Manila when we heard a collision sound from afar. Then suddenly, we hit something. Right away, the thing we hit caused a gigantic cave inside our vehicle. I swear the ceiling almost reached my forehead, the windshield was shattered, and the vehicle looked like it was stepped on by a dinosaur. Everyone was silent, no one really screamed for dear life but all of us passengers were okay.

People from nearby were running towards our car, I didn't dare look in front of the vehicle as I might see a dead body or something. It was weird that I hailed a jeepney as soon as I collected myself because I was more worried to be late for work - adrenaline rush maybe.

Inside the jeepney, we passed by more people and some dead bodies. This is really creepy and I hate seeing accidents, I didn't know if these were the people that we hit. On my way to work i felt like I was floating and wow, I'm not dead and I can still go to work. I discovered that the thing that hit us was the wheel of a 10 wheeler truck and just discovered now that we did hit someone. See this news from GMA.

Okay, now I'm really feeling weird. Good thing I didn't know this while working >.< and hey, I am alive, thank God.


azrael said...

glad that we are okay.

here's my story

Chapter 6 said...

I got into a coupla accidents too. When I was a kid, we got hit by this eighteen-wheeler. Turned our sedan into junk shop material. Thankfully, I didn't shit my knickers. Also, one time, at band camp... er, not band camp, at Paranaque, I rammed this bike for counterflowing. Dinnae ken if the damn biker was injured. Serves him right for impeding my trip. And, last year, I got hit by a cab. Stupid cab driver, he should've known that I was drunk. Anyway, its good to know that you and Az were okay.

Suzaku Lace said...

@mushroom friend

wow that's a whole lot of accidents and you're still alive, haha :)