Thursday, February 14, 2008

5 days with Asus Eee PC- How to Get Full Desktop Mode, Skype Beta 2.0, and run HSPDA modem

Hello! This post is a summary of the common things you would like to do with your new Asus Eee PC. I documented the first 5 days I had with my Eee PC and bunched them together with the codes I used to install primary softwares.

Day 1 – was able to add full desktop mode by tweaking Eee PC via the terminal. To access the terminal, just press ctrl + alt + t.

The name of the programs needed to enable the full desktop mode is KDE and Kicker. Once inside the terminal, type away the following:

  1. sudo bash [press enter]
  2. apt-get update [press enter]
  3. apt-get install ksmserver [press enter]
  4. apt-get install kicker [press enter]

Then type exit to get out of the MS-Dos like environment. You will now see a full desktop mode choice whenever you press the power button in easy mode.

Day 2 – Realized that the Skype that came in with the Eee PC is not the updated version. You can't use webcam function with that and you need to get the Beta 2.0 version of Skype for Linux, Xandros.

How to install Skype in Eee PC and make the webcam function:

  1. Open up your Mozilla browser in Eee PC.
  2. and choose Xandros.

  3. Save the installer in My Documents. When done, right click the file and click on 'install deb file'
  4. Now that your Skype is updated, you can turn on the web camera manually by going in the terminal again, ctrl + alt + T. Then type:

echo 1 > /proc/acpi/asus/camera

You have to do this everytime you want to use the webcam. This saves battery or if you don't care about battery life, there's also a tweak to make the webcam automatically turn on whenever you sign in with Skype.

Day 3 – nothing much.

Day 4 – I bought Eee PC to work for the first time, it was working okay until I had lunch at Shangrila and tried to connect via wi-fi. The Eee PC hanged, touchpad was not working and even if I press the keyboard, nothing was happening. I brought Eee PC to PC Live where I purchased it (Megamall Branch). They just formatted the unit so I had to do everything again.

Then someone gave me a Vodafone HSPDA modem (cool) it is actually Huawei usb modem 220. I just purchased usb cables for 99 pesos in Cyberzone Megamall, and also a Smart SIM card so I can try the 3G.

The unit can detect the Huawei usb modem, light turns blue meaning it works yet whenever I connect it says "Failed". I loaded 50 pesos to the sim card but it's still not working.

Day 5 – Can someone help me activate the sim card of Smart or is it a hardware problem? What do you think? You are my Day 5! Haha J

Will update some more if I find new stuff about the Eee. I will have a dedicated category for the Eee PC here.