Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to get through Financially Scarce Days

Not just me but everyone seems to have a flat wallet lately. Maybe some intergalactic force is affecting our financial houses BUT what's important is how to smile while knowing that we are broke indeed.

That sounds psychotic but by being moody we just amp up the feeling of being 'broke', so what we need to do is find the funny things about it. Like:

1. Experience bringing packed lunch to a restaurant and just order water or soda while your friends do the real ordering.

2. At least you still smell good and can still afford to buy soap and shampoo.

3. You get to spend more time at home because you don't have gimmick money. Actually, going out is energy consuming. At home you can just relax and catch up with your mom.

4. You're just days away from your weight goal because you've been avoiding fatty frappes and fancy desserts.

5. Realize that Dunkin Donuts is really the cheapest "pasalubong" out there.

and then convince yourself some more that this too, shall pass.


shinkaide said...

I share your pain... in the form of extreme caffeine deprivation. T_T