Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here comes Google Adsense for Video

It's looking great for online videos and also for publishers who embed YouTube on their blogs and websites. Google Adsense for video will let us earn and enjoy more at the same time. Watch how it works below:

I am not sure but I guess the opportunity is bigger for video makers, time to get our digicams and let the cameras roll! :)


azrael said...

alam ko on beta test pa lang yata sila
and sa USA pa lang sya available.

sana nga meron na din tayo dito.

Raf said...


I never blogged/wrote a lot on net (mostly reading), so I haven't been using ads program of any kind intensively - thus I'm not interested in ads, but I guess back on 2006, Google has found a brilliant way to even grow bigger :D

good job for them.

btw, why don't you allow anonymous comments? :D or at least open ID/website :)- just hate to have to login everytime I want to comment - and mostly leaving me left the website I visited without commenting :)

btw, not interested in photography?

Suzaku Lace said...

hi! raf,

gotta fix that open comments system when i get home :) didnt know that it wasnt enabled, thanks for the reminder and thanks too for dropping by :)

google is launching new programs that i have yet to blog about haha. one is the google sites which launched today too.

Raf said...

ypu mean this one?

Google Sites