Saturday, March 01, 2008

Will Google Sites kill Microsoft Sharepoint?

This post - very long overdue because of my flu. But, Google is getting bigger each day even when Google stocks seemed to decline a bit last week. Everyday there seems to be something new and one of the even newer stuff Google has is the Google sites.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Sharepoint (which looks very challenging to setup, it would need ultra brain powers from System Administrators and Programmers), Google sites also lets you share files, activities, track contacts, and put up both intranet and internet websites. What's more, Google sites is free and the API is coming out soon which can be customized further to suit your needs.

Yet in my mind, MS Sharepoint is targeting really huge enterprises while Google targets Mom and Pop websites and the casual users. Google sites was just released this week and there might still be more features that can come out of its sleeves. So, hooray for Google again and it's definitely time to experiment with Google Sites.

Google Sites Website


shinkaide said...

For a number of reasons, I have a grin so wide it might split my head open... I hope you get well soon. Mmm, Sharepoint.

Rememberthemilk FTW! X3 *shakefist*

Simplicity = Productivity, yeah? :)

Raf said...

having look at it, GoogleSites are indeed for home users. But I don't think it won't attract ppl from not using more pro-like MS Sharepoint - GS is way too easy (free..) and I doubt companies using it will switch :P

but yeah, a huge benefit for me, group project etc etc.

Suzaku Lace said...

Yeah i like the time table thing which is very similar to sharepoint and how you can attach files. For me, these looks like the most useful features that both programs have.

And since I am no enterprise, if ever i need those features then GS is the definite choice.

Raf said...

enough said :)