Sunday, February 03, 2008

More Mobile Phones with WiFi Pease

New mobile phones are entering 2008 yet some of them would be better if they had built in WiFi. I had my eyes on LG Viewty but "full internet browsing" was just via HSPDA or 3G. I thought it had WiFi. Then I was looking at another piece of mobile phone, Samsung U700 which you can get for around Php 11,000. But still, no WiFi.

The only major phones with WiFi on the market are the iPhone, n95, P1, HTC, HTC duo, bulky ones like E61, and E51 (small screen). I'd love to find a longer list of eye candy phones with wifi.

Cellphones, aside from letting me call and text also help me kill boredom and/or avoid conversations by tinkering it and not looking at the person talking to me, it also serves as an escape for uncomfortable situations. Say moments of silence with friends or waiting in line. Hence, it should allow me to tinker tinker tinker, and with WiFi - endless tinkering is possible. :)

You can blog, check your email or even go through the whole process of a domain registration (or domain management) with just a mobile device. Having a portable laptop such as Asus Eee PC is a different story because you can't just bring out your UMPC while inside the elevator or while waiting in line at the grocery (OT: have you seen the new light weight laptop that is water resistant? The ad showed someone pouring water on the laptop and the water just went thru! Not sure if this is Panasonic or Sony).

If you have a list of wifi cellphones, selling, or simply wish to share the info, please do so :) We just can't get enough of cellphones and gadgets as a whole.