Friday, February 01, 2008

The Food for your Mood Guide

Fitness magazines won't tell you to reward yourself with food or curb your bad mood with food either. Absolutely not. But when you're not feeling alright, forking into your favorite dish makes you forget your qualms. Here's a list of the best food that will fit every mood.

1. Disappointed - pizza, because pizza reminds you of parties and sharing with friends. Eat pizza in front of the telly and you simulate your high school summer break, or simply the weekend.

2. Bothered - coffee and a piece of dessert, sipping coffee or tea is very zen especially if you ordered coffee that's new to your mouth. Coffee will also give you that extra jolt of energy when you've exhausted enough electrons in your brain.

3. Simply sad - Jollibee chicken with spaghetti, our favorite comfort food. Say "I'm eating Jollibee, I am 7 years old, gonna watch Batibot after"

4. Tired - Laing, this is Gabi leaves in coconut milk. Eating this dish makes you feel at home (feels very provincial and laid back), it's preparation is not easy and its leafy texture make you feel it's very healthy indeed.

5. Very Happy - Cake, no doubt it's cake. Scribble with icing why you're happy, really happy days don't come often so you gotta celebrate with cake. Chocolate flavored cake will also make you hyperactive so you can celebrate for longer hours.

I can come up with more but I feel like a cellphone with only 1 bar of battery life. After I eat my pizza, I'm going straight to bed. Good night world and happy weekend to you.