Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tax it to me Gently

It's payday and boy were we all surprised at how big taxes really are. It's the start of the year so people will yield tax worth 1 year divided by 12 -I'm bad at math but the point is taxes are huge and painful.

That means skipping some coffee shop treats and filling out our shopping cart with gadgets. Savings will also move slow~ly when I'm almost about to reach my goal. To see the good in bad, I already have plans on how to soften this taxing situation. One, I don't need to go out after work daily and there are still cheap stuff available. We are in the Philippines after all.

Today I discovered that there's still a Php 7.00 worth of soda, Pop Cola! And it tastes good, forgive my ignorance but it's delicious and cheap. Then, there are cafeterias in the vicinity offering food as low as Php 25.00 (complete with rice and a healthy viand).

Tax payers are doing everything to tighten their belts, I've been paying for just 2.5 years but I hope my taxes go somewhere. Philippines, please use our taxes wisely.


shinkaide said...

The Philippine Government has never used its tax inflow wisely. Just look at the politicians in Northern Luzon (take the Singsons, for example) - they have big-ass houses while all around them the regular folk live in cramped spaces, eat at the cheapest carinderias, and still wind up with little to no life savings.

The PH is one of the highest taxed countries in the whole of Asia, yet Singapore is kicking our asses in terms of gross income per capita, quality of life, and government services, environment... and they're a freaking island. They're as big as what, Subic?

Spain has an incredible housing program for fresh graduates going into work, wherein they make it easy for people working (early-mid 20s) to own their own apartments. I've seen these housing projects, and they're much larger than the crappy cityland studio units that go for like 30 square meters at the cheapest.

What do we have? tag-3.50 na tokneneng. Mag-Big Mac meal ka araw-araw mamumulubi ka.


P.S. Uu, masama pa rin luub ku sa taxes/salary ko men. Apir!

Suzaku Lace said...

hay that's so sad but just like you said, let's look at the bright side. At least we still have some left and corrupt people will never enjoy life like a righteous person would.

And if there's heaven, poor them.

I will miss extra cups of coffee, dessert, buying some funny shirts, and my Asus eeePC is steps further.

Hay! men, kelan pa kaya ako makakaipon. Makonsensya naman sana yung iba jan noh.