Thursday, February 07, 2008

What do you want to get on Valentine's Day?

I know V-day is overrated but aside from the crazy politics, what else is there to talk about right? I prefer valentine's day and valentine's is like the drum roll for my birthday (which I am also excited about). Whether you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, MU, or none at all, Valentine's day is a fun day that you have the right to enjoy.

So what do you want to get on Valentine's day? It can be from your friends, parents, partner, or from your own trusty wallet. I have a list of splendid things that would be fun to receive on Valentine's:

1. Lindt Chocolates - not just chocolates but Lindt. Those kind that have soft belgian chocolates inside, wrapped individually. These round chocolatey treat is best with coffee or tea.

2. A hotel accommodation for 1 day - nothing beats not having to fold your own bed when you wake up, carpeted bedroom, and fresh hot towels. Not to mention room service. Staying in a hotel is already relaxing as is, you can de-stress, enjoy the silence, and you can watch TV peacefully the whole time.

3. A New Haircut - love yourself and treat your hair to the newest most high-tech salons in town. Score wavy hair that's uber romantic or a new sleek straight look. Valentine's does not exempt self-love :)

4. Shopping Money - yep and you get to choose what you really want on Valentine's Day. Much better if it can cover the cost of a new pastel pink colored ultra mobile laptop!

5. Cute Journals - for writing down poems or not. Writing anything you can think of makes you love life easier, writing gives you a sense of organization and direction.

6. Bean bag pillows for the car - squeeshy and softy for traffic jam slumbers. 15 minutes additional sleep makes a big difference, show your love to yourself by not skipping on some zzz's when there's an opportunity! :)

7. Nike's new rubbershoes for women - they have a new campaign called "This is Love" and I do love the "Relentless" rubbershoes. Would like to get one for my birthday too :)

That's 7 things you can get (or have someone get you) on Valentine's Day. There's heaps more but let's make it easy and achievable ^^

P.S. please avoid PDA on February 14 because it makes me and other people uneasy and uncomfortable. Yup, just get number 2 on this list and get a room.