Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kenny Rogers - not the Chicken

Have you noticed lately that most restaurants and fastfood joints now have LCD TVs mounted on their walls? Like one morning I was having breakfast at Jollibee and was so amazed that they were playing Avril Lavigne's collection of interviews and performances. I had a good day because of that, I liked Avril when I was in college.

Then, on my way to work todoay the bus was playing a special DVD of Kenny Rogers, he sang all his beautiful songs that I didn't even know he sang. A memorable point in the show was when he said something like "I promise that when you are having rough times, I will get you through it with my songs" and wow now I am a fan haha :)

I dearly want to buy an LCD TV for my room and mount it on my wall. Too bad I'm not crazy enough to try online slots. I only have one day off and sometimes, my housemates are stressful so it would be nice if I can make MY ROOM an amazing cocoon to get back all my energy and weave some ideas at.

There is also a new cafe in Ortigas called Mozu, I'm plugging them because they gave us free coffee, pasta, and pastry after work. We dropped by in the afternoon and they said they weren't OPEN yet and invited us instead to go back and sample their goodies. They are located at the back of Linden Suites, and they too have an LCD TV playing concert DVDs. The pastry and coffee are great and it's a nice change of venue for hanging out with friends after work.


azrael said...

heeheeh. my stomach complained and got hungry when i saw kenny rogers dvd concert hehhehe

shink said...

Ooh! A new cafe? Must try soon (care for some coffee?)! Apir Lace! Kekekekeke :3