Sunday, March 30, 2008

What's your Monday Motivation?

Many people find it hard to wake up on a Monday, the first working day of the week. Your body has just recovered and is tempted to oversleep just like during the weekend. Before you plan on throwing your alarm clock on the wall, think of the things that you look forward to!

It could be the morning walk to the train section, the free newspapers, and your 30 minute nap while on the road.

Here are a few things I always look forward to:

1. Breakfast at Jollibee - a bit costly but there are plenty of choices, from Php 35 to Php 75 and you always get hot brewed coffee. I always make sure that I come to Jollibee on time so I can devour my breakfast slowly and happily. The coffee surely perks me up just in time.

2. The "bridge" nap - I call it bridge nap because this is the sleeping time you get inside the car while on your way to work. It makes waking up early easy because you know that you can get back to sleep inside the car.

3. Free MRT Tabloids - If you are on time, you can get free decent tabloids inside the MRT. There are two choices now, Express Commuter and Libre. You can then bring this to the nearest Jollibee or McDo and get updated during your mini breakfast session.

4. The Morning Email Rush - It's on the first 4 hours of work that you get to see the response of whoever you emailed during the last working day. It may be good or bad news, but at least you know the answer first thing in the morning. Use the rest of the day solving bad news or being inspired by the good ones.

5. My "sundo" - I have two "sundos" or the persons who fetch me from work. Sometimes it's my younger sister Liza and our Kuya Bernard. We always grab some food at Mcdo before driving away from the MRT station. Sometimes, it's Azrael and before we go straight home, we always have dinner somewhere.


'Lil sis Liza who loves Teen Magazines

There you have it, I know you can also identify motivators. When you have no inspiration, motivation, or something to look forward to, you will always have a crappy day and you won't be as productive and creative. Think of these things and you get a semi-permanent and natural smile on your face that will also affect the people around you positively.

And when you feel your day is not going well, remember the day is made up of 24 hours and tomorrow is A NEW DAY.

Have a good week everybody!


Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

This post made me think... Surprisingly, mine is making coffee (espresso). Anya's is watching kiddie shows. The first thing she asks when she wakes up is "Mommy, may ABC Kids na?"

Andre said...

Good post. Your fourth item basically tells us that you like getting results - that you're a go getter. It seems you ordered your list chronologically, so I suppose it's indeterminate of how high you valuate it.

However, I *raise one eyebrow* at your first item, hmmm? -_^ +pinkyinmouth

But that's just me being an elitist coffee drinking douche (the kind that lift one finger while drinking from a cup). Errrh... I'll go away now.

The picture's up, btw. Apir Lace! kekekeke

Suzaku Lace said...

hahaha! :)

thanks ate joni and andre!


well great that you have an espresso machine cos i dont!

@ andre

look there my sis has an espresso machine, you are a coffee elitist, and im just a poor boy! ^^

i dont even have an idea what sort of coffee Jollibee serves but it's okay :)

Andre said...

"... and im just a poor boy!"

Wait, what?! Are you telling me that you have --- errh... y'know what, nevermind... o.o

Liza said...

ate lace!!! I joined candy's 2008 teen blog awards: register at and vote for me here: