Saturday, April 05, 2008

Get yourself Busy Relaxing

It's Saturday and a long weekend, everybody deserves the rest. I especially think I need this although I wouldn't mind earning more money :) T'was a good week except for some bits that come with the roles I play. So what are we waiting for? Let's get rolling to relaxation island and you don't have to splurge to get some "ommmm" moments.

1. Buy a Face Mask - buying and choosing masks at Watson's is already calming as it is. Plop the wet mask on your face, dim the lights and put your legs up. Your laptop has got to to get some zzz's to, so just close it but keep the iTunes playing instrumental spa-ish music. This should be done for 15-30 minutes.

2. A Leg Scrub - if you're ultra-busy, you've been walking miles around desks and workstations, back and forth. so definitely, those corporate legs need some lovin'. Go to the nearest salons and ask for a leg scrub, this is good because you get the massaging effect while the attendants scrub your legs. You'll come out both relaxed and Ms. Sexy Shiny legs.

3. Hair Spa - If you are like me, your everyday hairdo is a ponytail at the back of your head and when it's crunch time, you twist it in a bun and you can hear the silent scream of your hair as they get tangled with each other. Before our hair leaves us for being such a criminal, go for a cheap hair spa and you also get the head massage plus shampoo. Hopefully when the workday comes, your genius is not showing through your Einstein-ish hair but in your confident and renewed outputs.

4. Good sleep - get it in the afternoon, in the evening, or in the morning - you're the boss this weekend. Cover up your eyes with a blindfold to simulate night time and have an undisrupted calming zzz's.

5. Watch a Movie - I went to see Shutter last night with a girl friend and Az and horror movies are much relaxing because your worries and pet peeves are shaken off by those asian ghosts. If you have the guts to scream, better!

That's just some things to keep you busy relaxing. It will pay off when the work week comes as you come in invigorated, fresh, and confident to take on any blunders and even success.


Andre said...

Oh yeah... the perfect, relaxing almost always includes a movie - definitely!

I'd add just chilling out for an hour or two at a coffee shop reading the paper or chatting with friends.

The best I've experienced is going on a roadtrip to Tagaytay with me family and having coffee at 2AM in the morning at one of the open-air mountainside cafes while the fog was rolling in under our tables, completely obscuring our shoes. It was awesome (get used to that adjective when you're with meh)!

It was almost good enough to completely erase the memory of the scent of horse shit when my little sister wanted so badly to ride on the horsies earlier in the afternoon. Ugh. You really can't win 'em all.

Seriously, all the horses do is walk around in a circle and the only thing special about them is that they have the ability to poop while walking. Are you freaking kidding me?!

Joanna said...

I love relaxing, usually at night, because my kids keep me busy through out the day.

But my two favorite things to do are to knit, (and no I am not an old lady) but the repitition of the stitches just help me forget all my worries!

The other favorite thing to do is to relax in my hammock and either sleep or read a book. The swaying motion is so relaxing, I forget about everything....