Monday, June 09, 2008

Day at the Beach

When you want something and just focus on it, you can have it! Just like this day trip at the beach, I've been longing to go to the beach to relax and unwind. No stress and no worries.

It was just me and my partner, my family could not come because they hate to commute. I planned this day to be worry-free (that's all i really want) so no driver, no car, just me and my partner.

We took buses, tricycles and jeepneys to reach our destination and voila! welcome to the beach -

This trip is very refreshing, just like my trip to Tagaytay where I could see the volcano and the lake. The waves and the smell of salty beach air are fantastic. You can't get that in metro manila. Even the jeepney ride was enjoyable, I could see rural lands with carabaos and people living the simple life (which I want in the future). They grow their own crops, trees, and they send their children to the nearby school. Now I wonder how much does it cost to buy a parcel of land in these areas and build a house on it.

Next unwinding destination that I want to go to is Baguio or Subic.

Happy Independence Day!