Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mixed Stuff from Friday and Saturday

Yesterday (Friday) I finally watched Sex and the City movie by myself and I seriously enjoyed the whole film while munching on KFC Zinger and fries. Yummy!

The film was oozing with designer clothes and bags. I hope there's a sequel to this film so I can enjoy watching them again.

After the movie, as my partner was still busy hustling for his event, I walked again back to Pearl Drive to get my third massage for the week. I go to Green Spa and they are open until 2am. I had to walk there since all spa inside the mall are closed.

I met Azrael and friends at Starbucks and ended up at home around 12:00 in the morning.

That was Friday and today (Saturday) was chaos.

I could not reach Kuya Bernard's (our beloved driver) mobile phone and I was standing in front of my building forever. I was in panic I called my auntie Yeyey and we did not know what to do so I just went to the mall and rode the bus. It was very hot so I armed myself with my favorite fruit shake combo - Mango and Melon.

Mango and Melon shake is heavenly, it's next to a massage that can lift you up from stress and stiffness.

Time to rest and unwind - happy weekend everyone!