Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bake your Cake and Eat it too

I managed to bake a cake today, actually two cakes! It's a long weekend and I am getting the most out of it.

And here is the first of the two, a carrot cake with cream cheese on top. It's heaven! Just slice cream cheese right out of the box and put it atop a warm slice of carrot cake.

The chocolate cake is also done but it's yet to be readied for a photo op :)


Ed said...

It looks yummy. Nakakagutom. Nang-inggit pa si Az!

Suzaku Lace said...

Thank you Ed! :)

Andre said...

Mmm... Cake. But can you make donuts? :D */homersimpsonmode*

Suzaku Lace said...

may krispy kreme naman e! :)

przepisy kulinarne said...

Cool fun. Like me. Thanks.
I like to cook very at home. Greetings from Poland.