Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Shook it Off with Gary V at Eastwood City

Gary V at Eastwood City
It was Friday and I was exhausted from the week that was, but I just could not resist another trip to Eastwood City where Gary V would be performing on stage.

I have seen Gary V a million times - on TV, but I was amazed and shocked and so "bilib" when I finally got to see him perform live! He is a living miracle and is overflowing with talent, his voice is enchanting and full of charisma, and his dance moves are like magic! Does he have real bones? x.x

Eastwood city Gary V concert
The event was a real pick me upper, Gary V is entertaining and inspiring at the same time. It was a perfect evening that melted away all the stress. During the concert, I could not help but notice the lighting system - when Gary V sang "Take me out of the Dark" I felt as if I was in heaven! well, I wished - but thank you Gary V for reminding us that the Lord will not give us something we can't bear, Amen.

His performance of my favorite song "How Did you Know" (from the movie of Aga and Kristine Hermosa heehee :) was also great, hearts were all over the place and it matched the cozy atmosphere of the venue.

Gary Valenciano at Eastwood City
Gary V's concert in Eastwood City
, Libis felt like a private function where he was able to get near the audience and wow, he was just in front of me singing "Because of You", this can only be achieved in an intimate venue like Eastwood City. Every person in the audience had smiles on their faces, old and young people were cheering for Gary V. An old couple in front of me heartily waved good-bye and everyone was happy and re-energized after the concert.

Thank you very much to Eastwood City, me and my friends had a great time!