Sunday, August 03, 2008


I just created an account in Plurk. I think more people are talking about Plurk rather then Twitter. Hence, more plurking versus twittering. These words should be added to the dictionary!

I don't have any friends yet, i don't even know how to find them!

My plurk page is

Let me know how I can follow you!

There's an option to embed plurks in blogs but I lost it~ Plurk is very alien to me at the moment x.x I also wish to learn how I can plurk via mobile phone.


azrael said...

go to my page
and add everyone in your plurk as friends..

andun din si paulo coelho ahhaha

Suzaku Lace said...


i already added paulo coelho.. awesome!

Andre said...

Meron din ako plurk account... kaso, tulad ng Pownce account, wala din nangyari (dehins gamit). Ewankobamen. Apir!

Anonymous said...

haahaha nsa plurk ka?

plurk tayo! hahaha