Sunday, August 03, 2008

Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

I saved for this book called Remember Me and 2 weeks ago, I finally bought it! Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors. She is the mother of the Shopaholic series that I can't imagine having lived without!

I love you Ms. Sophie Kinsella! Here's me with your latest book :)

Remember Me is another book worth reading and spending on.

It's about a 24 year old lady who seems to have a normal semi-pathetic life until she had amnesia and woke up 3 years after. Now 28, she's stunned to learn she owns an LV bag, La Perla undies, groomed nails, perfect teeth, and a Mercedes! From a nobody at the office, she is now director of her company and she also has the perfect husband, except that she does not remember anything but her pathetic life with loser boyfriend 3 years before her accident x.x

I am definitely glued to this book! Anything can happen and life can be magically turned upside down.


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