Sunday, August 31, 2008

Samsung SGH E600

This Samsung mobile phone is not new, in fact, I had one back in 2005 and I lost it (stolen?). This is my favorite cellphone ever. It is not high tech, it only has a VGA camera and it is very tiny.

I miss my old phone, this model is very cute - when you get a text message, you will see an envelope sealed with a heart on the front screen. When you send a message, there's the same envelope being sealed and it will seem to fly away. I miss it very much! Even the message tone is unique. I had this phone during my college days when I receive tons of lovey texts <3

Now I am searching the internet where I can buy an old model like this. The new Samsung models nowadays are not clam shell-type anymore and they look very serious x.x

I am guessing I can get a model like this now for less than 5,000. I hope I find one!


philippine concerts and everything said...

check for refurbished phones on at&t-cingular website. I think they have that kind, mine is a samsung too, with no camera whatsoever, but i love it. You can have it sent to a relative in the U.S. since they don't offer delivery here. I guess you can get one for just Php2,500

Suzaku Lace said...

too bad i do not have relatives in the US :(

i will send my sister and aunt to the mall today to find one ^^

samsung phones are really lovely - the old ones ; )

Andre said...

Lol @ the guy in the phone's screen! XD