Monday, September 01, 2008

21 Days to Go

We are very excited and I cannot wait to stay in this hotel -

I am going to Macau in 21 days and in Hongkong in 23 days. I can't wait! Best of all, my mom will be coming along and my sisters and I can shop MORE :)

I will definitely see my niece Anya and we can go to Disneyland together, finally!


Andre said...

Wow... sounds awesome! And from the vibes you've been sending out, you deserve the vacation. Ikain mo nalang kami. :D

knide said...

You deserve the rest and trip lace. You looked a bit stressed :( Saw you walking by awhile ago in san miguel avenue to lourdes st. around 11:45am (You were on the sidewalk I was on the closed road. hehehe). Tried calling your name but you were probably talking or trying to call someone on your cell. :)

Suzaku Lace said...

thanks guys! i deserve a vacation heehee :)


diba u've been to Macau dati?


sorry i didn't hear you, probably i was thinking deep about something x.x

oktoberfest na on Friday, see you there!