Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The New Weekdays

My new weekdays are family-centered, I have time for my aunt yeyey whose eyebrows I expertly trimmed on a Monday morning, my mom who I enjoy having lunch with and we decipher what to cook for dinner daily - i love to cook just like her.

On the same Monday (the day I used to dread the most), I had 77 photos of our travel printed, went with Yeyey to get her hair cut, watched Madagascar 2 with Azrael, and enjoyed a Japanese dinner at home prepared by Mama. I also have time to prettify my little sister Liza but failed to help her with the report x.x

Liza is learning to appreciate wine and we had fun one night exploring our mini bar.

Today, I picked up a new watch for myself, went to the dermatologist, enjoyed snacks at McDonald's in the afternoon, ran like crazy from the rain with Azrael, and now I am blogging at 1 in the morning while eating Zitti. Tomorrow I'll be taking care of our Christmas giveaways and I should start searching for a wall clock for the shop and Lolo's house.

I can do everything at my own pace, relaxed, at home and with the people I love most.

I am thankful.


Andre said...


That can prove to be a pretty expensive hobby.

So, how long do plan on living a bohemian lifestyle, If I may ask? :3

Suzaku Lace said...

hakuna matata :)

i won't plan, will let life take its course naturally this time. Be myself, live life, and fulfill whatever has been written. Amen.

Liza said...

thanks for not doing my report big sister! I did a good job... btw.. :)
hahaha... imagine, what if it is you who made the report??? wouldn't it be a disaster?? =)) hahahahaha

thanks for preparing my supper. :)