Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chasing Cars

I visited 5 different toy stores today in the metro, in search for Anya's Disney Cars collection. She is missing Luigi, Guido, and Boost. Also on my list is Wall-E's girlfriend Eva.

In each shop, I physically and personally went through the stocks and shelves. In Toys R' Us, I finally found Guido.

Luigi and Boost are very hard to find, I even visited Department Stores as well. Yet after all the hunting, I met Anya's super buddy Lightning McQueen and told him I was looking for his other friends.

Lightning says "Hi! Anya" too. Anya's cartoon friends are all over the place, I also met Ben 10 at a toy shop but didn't get a shot with him.

Will fix all Anya's toys for shipping tomorrow. Or might try the toy shoppes in Greenhills as someone informed me that there is a shoppe that has lots of Disney Cars.

I love you Anya! :)