Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shaking it out with TV5 at Chili's

It was just this week that I learned TV5 (former ABC 5) runs shows 24 hours a day. Since I write until sunrise, this was good news for me. One time, I got to watch Eugene Domingo's sitcom Everybody Happy that injected me with burst of laughters in the wee hours of the morning, around 3AM.

tv5 bloggers party

At Chili's yesterday, TV5 threw a fantastic thank you party for being the number 3 TV station in the Philippines, they have been running for only 3 months.

tv5 party for bloggerstv5 party

Someone pulled my leg that Gretchen Baretto, my super idol is going to be at the party. She gives away a million pesos every week on her show, You and Me Against the World. I love the title.


TV5 news anchor for The Evening News (TEN) Cherry Mercado was present. She featured the party the same night on TV5 and all of us waited for it to be aired at Chili's.

We all had a fantastic celebration and kudos to TV5 for shaking Philippine television! If you want to be updated with TV5's programs, visit their website at