Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia Premiere Night

I brought my nephew Jacko with me to the red carpet screening of Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia. It is an animated film that is 100% Pinoy, an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival.

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What I love about premiere nights are the activities, contests, and freebies that one can experience aside from being one of the firsts to see the movie. Jacko enjoyed the movie very much and so did I. The movie is a perfect reflection of today's culture and each of the characters had their own distinct personalities.

After the movie and after two tubs of popcorn (Jacko ate them all), we met the stars or voices behind the movie Dayo.

Here's us with Hopia who played Hannah and with Nash, who played Buboy. These kiddie stars can be seen in the hit TV show, Going Bulilit. We also met the Director, Robert Quilao.

Jacko and I walked along the cinema halls where he was able to try drawing a dinosaur using a wacom tablet. We also got several tokens and freebies from sponsors that greeted the viewers upon exit. Free tender juicy hotdogs, Fruitees, Ceelin pouch bag, Dayo calendars, Dayo poster, and Dayo stickers. The kids loved it!
The premiere night of Dayo was awesome and it was a great experience to kids of all ages. Good luck and congratulations to the people behind Dayo :) Surely, the Filipino can fly!

After the movie, we all felt like Elementary students and had a photo op with Winnie the Pooh :)


Andre said...

Waah! Is that a Cintiq?! Do Want! O.o