Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from Lace

I am gonna pretend that am doing an editorial for a magazine.

Christmas for me is all about thanksgiving. I attended a party and an old fellow said that surely this year, there is at least one thing that you are thankful for. Surely, there was one moment in the year even if it was just a minute that you laughed, smiled, and felt happy. Everyone has something to be thankful for.


This year was amazing and one of the most colorful years in my life. I learned a lot from many challenges, mistakes, good and bad persons, and travel! We have to be thankful for the good and bad things that happened this year, all of them make us wiser that prepares us for the next year ahead.

Surely, there was at least one problem in your life that you resolved this year. My biggest problem and hindrance from doing what I love was gone just before 2008 is about to end. When I started pursuing my dreams and believing in myself, taking the risks - I got to know myself more, my talents and what I am capable of. I realized why God placed certain persons beside me and with me, somehow they are connected to what I want to achieve and they can help me get it.

Christmas also means hope that the next year will be better. This means that we all should believe in ourselves and never stop dreaming. At the end of every depressing moment, remember that on Christmas day, God gave us Jesus to save us. And when you think there is no way out, the answer is always God.

On TV, I overheard someone said that God is inside all of us. So all we have to do is to listen to our hearts, follow our conscience and that little voice within. Next year, let's all believe in ourselves and follow our hearts. Let's not make our hearts suffer, if you are not ready to do something or are confused then wait. Maybe there is a reason for us to endure some pains here and there. Our hearts will point us to the right direction where our personal legend can be achieved (thanks Alchemist). This year, it was my first time to experience letting my heart and soul take control. Seriously, I was like speaking in tongues and suddenly I have the strength to decide and say what I have to say. I felt almost like a puppet and maybe it was divine intervention, I am not kidding. It was unplanned yet it happened, problem solved.

Now I know there is truth in Jose Mari Chan's "Christmas in our Hearts". Let us not stop believing.

Merry Christmas to ANYA, ate Joni, Vincent, and every good heart on the planet!

Stay beautiful, style and relax!