Thursday, December 04, 2008

Super Bowl's Kitchen in Trinoma

Here's an inside look at Super Bowl of China's kitchen where all the Chinese cuisine are prepared and cooked to flamin' hot perfection.

Their chefs and the huge flames from the stove reminds me of the authentic Chinese restaurants in Hongkong. The fire is set to 109 degrees, I couldn't help but stay back every time huge flames seem to lick the bottom of the pans. In Super Bowl, their master chefs come all the way from China.

super bowl of chinaTao Sa Paos

Here's my favorite treat from Super Bowl Trinoma as it is being prepared. The dough balls are not dipped in oil but rather, super hot oil is poured onto the dough balls to make their outside shell crispy. This technique prevents oil from getting inside this delicacy.

super bowl trinoma
Inside the kitchen, I looked around that maybe I could score some secret recipes but I only scored some heating instructions for the Chinese Chicken Machang and Christmas Ham. Not bad!

super bowl

After the kitchen tour, it's time to enjoy Super Bowl's recipes on the table. This trip was very enjoyable for me who loves to cook. I felt like I was inside Lifestyle Network and inside Chef Ming Tsai's kitchen!