Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cooking Show

My latest wonders from the kitchen

Arroz ala Cubana ala Lace - played with Worchestire, Kikkoman, Chili Sauce, pickels, tomato paste, fried bananas, eggs, and stir fried to crunchy meaty perfection.

Crispy Chinese Tikoy with Japanese Crunch - eggs and Japanese bread crumbs

Cinnamon Sugar Bananas


Andre said...

Arroz ala Cubana usually requires ketchup on top.

Suzaku Lace said...

Onga I read people eat it with ketchup tulad ng sa commercial ahaha

Vincent said...
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Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

wow, impressive! not just the outcome but the efforts! good try! i'm so proud of you!