Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lace's Valentine

I get embarrassed when I see couples dating on Valentine's Day, holding hands and being featured on TV Patrol, with shots from Luneta Park or a popular mall. Last year, Azrael gave me a bunch of flowers and caught it on video. It was nice to get a present but I dreaded carrying the flowers on V-Day, I wanted to disappear.

A quick stop to grab a peach-mango pie before the movie

Now it's Valentine's Day again and I promised to spend it with style. What can be better than watching Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's at Rockwell? Lovely! Thank you very much to Rockwell for the tickets and some snacks that Azrael and I enjoyed in the front row.

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This is not any form of blog advertising but I enjoyed killing V-Day time inside Rockwell. It was not cheesy but you can feel cupid everywhere. Flowers, sweets, and Valentine's Day sales at the different boutiques. Azrael and I tasted cheesecake balls and macarons at the Baker's Fair.

After the movie, we ran to Rockwell Tent for the O Amor Em Carnaval - it was all about partying Brazilian style! There were ladies in costume and live beats were performed as everyone danced on the floor. We also grabbed some drinks, thanks to Havaianas.

Then we also had VIP tickets to the Lovapalooza. We got there around 10PM and the place was packed with people. The taxi driver said that the people look like ants marching to Mall of Asia. Before we could get into the VIP area, the show was already done. The restos were all full so we decided to head home and finish mama's icecream tub.

Meanwhile, my sister Joni is the winner! She spent her Valentine's Day with Vincent and Anya at the posh restaurant called Fifteen, the place by Chef Jamie Oliver.

All I want for next year is a Valentine at Tiffany's, or Louis Vuitton... or Chanel for a change.

P.S. Thank you Mama for trimming my bangs! :) Now I can wear my hair the way everyone likes it again ^^


Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

It's not that posh, otherwise we could not bring a kid. Actually, Anya was the only kid there that night. Most were, as expected couples.

Fifteen is a great place and the foundation/stories behind its development are heartwarming as well. It's inspiring to know that the people who made your dish were underprivileged teens who exerted much efforts to learn cooking skills.