Sunday, February 15, 2009

San Miguel Beer's Valentine Party - Hot and Fun!

With the SMB Brazilian Models

Valentine's Day has never been this big! This is the first time I've heard of a Valentine street party and it's at one of the busiest business district - Ortigas. The San Miguel Beer Valentine Barkada Party happened the night before Valentine's Day, just as everyone should be preparing for the big day - with or without a date.

It felt good to see working people unwinding with their friends, drinking ice cold beer on a Friday night. I can just imagine how refreshing this absolutely free Valentine party is for them!

I just arrived in time, around 8:00PM and the parteh was just starting. There were lots of tables and chairs which was great, but it's always greater to be inside the VIP area :) We met friends from San Miguel like Gab and Estella who were working on the clock but didn't fail to have a great time singing and rocking.

Our blogger friends and special thanks to Juned were also present. We had a great time chatting while munching on snacks like freshly cooked cheese sticks, nachos and tahong which was free flowing just like the beers.


Fun became more of HOT when the Mocha girls took the stage like Pussy Cat Dolls singing "When I Grow Up". It was my first time to watch them live and my jaw dropped. Since I was inside the VIP area, I got to watch them right in front of the stage. These ladies are single but they know how to have a blast on Valentine's Day. Screw "Single Awareness Day" chuchu, love is not only for couples but friends, family, and celebrating love in all it's sense.

At the San Miguel Barkada Valentine, guests received instant prizes via Bluetooth!

Right after the Mocha Girls, Kamikaze rocked the stage until 3 in the morning! Everyone held a toast at exactly 12 midnight, just like New Year's. San Miguel never fails to do this and I remembered the fun we had last Oktoberfest. The party was super organized, there were strict bouncers, security, portalets, chairs, food, prizes, and loads of Valentine's Day barkada fun.

Lace and Mocha

I had a great time and I am sure everyone did! Thank you to Juned and San Miguel Beer for providing everyone a fantastic party! :)


Azrael Coladilla said...

hahahaha naka 3 cans of beer din ako nitong gabi na yan..

grabe.astig talaga