Sunday, February 22, 2009

Make Up Day

Rissa and Marie Calica my two fab fairies for the day!

I know nothing about makeup, so when the opportunity to spend a day with Marie Claire's Beauty Editor, Marie Calica arrived, I said YES! They needed a model for a beauty workshop coming on March 2.

At the Tea Party in an undisclosed location

In college, I loved prettifying but when work kicked in, I had make up and style amnesia. My style is now in check but make-up skills? forget it. My face was so happy to be brushed and colored again with MAC, La Mer, Shiseido - yes that kind of make-up.

totally mismatched outfit, blame the virus but the pool looks divine!

Good thing I had an afternoon tea party to attend, so the make-up was put to great use :) I looked pretty (ahem) at Tamera Online's launch somewhere in Makati. It is an online make-up store and that's so perfect! I didn't look kawawa and naive about make-up.