Monday, March 02, 2009

Tagaytay 2009

Mama, Liza, Azrael, Me, and Kuya Bernard went to Tagaytay one Monday morning. Our mission is to eat at Josephine's and have a fun relaxed time with the family.

At Josephine's after eating, the three of us took turns jumping in front of the camera. Az brought his tripod. I am very frustrated because I feel heavy when I jump and I look like a frog heehee but it was fun taking these photos!

Mama enjoyed her fresh coconut and Kuya Bernard enjoy pointing to the volcano.

After the lunch, we passed by a hotel being constructed and Mama thought it was a condominium with units for sale. We stopped by to ask because she really wants a place here. Turns out it is a hotel and the sales lady accompanied us to another building which is their condo version.

It was nice but Liza and I investigated the place and took lots of photos to "feel" if it was worthy to be called second home, naks! Here is Liza and me re-enacting washing of the dishes while talking behind the sink.

Of course there's the photo beside the fireplace and the swimming pool.

All we can say is that the weather is lovely. We then continued to the zoo since Az has not been there and POOR ANIMALS! They are in little smelly cages they can barely move and all they can step on are iron bars and cement when they are surrounded with the mountain. I hope PETA visits Residence Inn Zoo.

Anyway, Mama picked up more plants and enjoyed looking at the flowers. We went home with many plants, fruits, and goodies from Good Shepherd.

It was such a great time with the family! I love my life suuuuppeerrr...


Edelweiza said...

was it tagaytay mini zoo that you visited? we went there last, last weekend but we weren't able to explore the place much. it was already dark when we got there.i only saw some birds, snakes, sheeps and the camel. i love was so cold when we were there, felt like baguio. :)

suzaku_lace said...

it is the Residence Inn Zoo that we went to. May isa pang zoo eh ang name niya ParadiZOO.

Kung may camel, i think we went to the same place. kawawa ung gorilla talaga and ung lions na nasa parang dog cage.