Monday, March 02, 2009

Takaw - Chips, V-Cut, and Junk Food

I can't take how much takaw I've become, I crave lots of food - different types from healthy to junk. Last night I was forcing Az to eat midnight snack with me, I badly wanted a hamburger with french fries but it was 12 midnight. So I had some rice and my favorite dish laing, I was not happy after that so I took a chocolate covered wafer bar from Santi's to share with Az.

Today I could not think of anything else but V-Cut dipped in mayo and catsup. I asked Az to buy me some after I walked the dog. I made an effort today to walk walk walk even when my ankles are hurting (we got lost last week in Makati and had to walk a mile). We had 3 bags of chips and I devoured 1 bag by myself in front of the TV.

I asked some friends what their favorite chips are and here is how our conversation went:

What is your favorite CHIPS? vcut, tortillas, piattos, etc.

Suzaku Lace says dip natin sa cheesewiz! or catsup and mayo wee!

UrMajesty_Sire says vcut dipped in sourcream!

ahlliysszonne says nova..hahahahaha

joanjoyce says piattos na bbq

Suzaku Lace says sarrrappp! UrMajesty_Sire, gusto ko din ng Vcut pero dipped in catsup

Suzaku Lace says bibili muna akong Vcut

musicblogger piknik, tortillos

UrMajesty_Sire says ayan ngcrave na

shinkaide says Lays Sour Cream & Onion.

JPooh yummy....

musicblogger lays...yumm

Jennie says my homemade mojos and chips. no to tranfat.

Azrael says putik ang mahal ng chips sa tindahan... 4 na piraso pack e..lagpas 100 na

sarahcada CLOVER NA CHEESE!!! At saka Nova. At Cheetos. At CLOVER!!!

almabuenviaje RUFFLES, LAYS - both sour cream, kettle chips (sour cream pa din) and VCUT

temp.Superstar says mr. chips at yung clover chips na ham & cheese! weeh!

Suzaku Lace says get your chips ready for midnight snack! i dipped my vcut in mayo and catsup kanina while watching the news

It feels so good to eat! waahhh ~ Tomorrow will be a day full of events, hopefully my destinations serve fresh green salads to compensate. What is your midnight snack for today?


Andre said...

Wahahaha! Summer Diet FAIL.

suzaku_lace said...

FAIL talaga men!

okay lang masarap naman shaks x.x

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

V-cut ang fave ko. O kaya yung Ruffles tsaka Cheetos tsaka Pringles sour cream... hay, once you pop you can't stop talaga... =)

Pero midnight snack namin kagabi, purefoods hotdogs, bad!

suzaku_lace said...


Sarap ng hotdogs ung may cheese! :)