Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dinner on a Plane

The only thing that excites me when I fly is the food. Airplane food are always pleasantly organized and complete. They come in tiny containers like little bunch of surprises! :)
The main dish is pork with vegetable rice. Sauce was tasty and the beef was tender that it can be chewed on easily. Chunks of veggies are incorporated with the rice.

I skipped on the bread and butter to enjoy this curious treat right away. It's a cheesecake in a cup by Goldilocks. Complete with crust, cream cheese and blueberry jam. Thanks to this I momentarilly forgot I was up in the air.
After dinner, the movie Marley and Me was shown on the big screen. Good thing I have not seen this one yet! Thanks to that dog for entertaining me for 2 hours. And after this movie, Adam Sandler's flick (storybook?) was shown. I also finished this because I just can't sleep. I wish they had popcorn :)

3AM (Manila Time), the lights were turned on and breakfast was served. It was just Ensaymada from Quickmelt because we were soon to land 4AM (Manila Time).

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