Friday, April 24, 2009

Koko Black at Lygon Street

One of the places I visited the last time I went to Melbourne was Koko Black. Since my last trip was only one day - Koko Black reminds me of sad goodbyes and limited time with my niece Anya. Not anymore.

Take two, at Koko Black. This time, we can cap every night here if we wish.

Anya remembers so much about my last trip, what we ordered and everything. I had the same Belgian hot chocolate. Anya had an icecream from Casa del Gelato.

So many truffles and chocolate creations to choose from!

One truffle costs Php 70 or AUD 2.50 - crazy but delicious. It melts in my mouth and the cocoa powder's texture is priceless.

Most importantly, spending time with Anya who said I'm the girl she loves most in the whole world :)

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