Monday, April 27, 2009

ET Go Home


It's 5 days of being here in Australia and a looonggg way to go. I enjoy playing with Anya but I have yet to trek the streets for an authentic dora the explorer travel experience. I want to get lost, in the streets and in translation. With a back pack and a map in tow. I can't find a map here though.

Other than that, of course a part of me misses Manila. There's just so much more happening in my world than here. I feel like having withdrawal syndromes, I want to move, go out and be merry. There's so much to celebrate and party for! At least we are all still alive today right? Carpe diem!

Government corruption aside, it's so much happier in my world. Although I believe young adults here also have their own world similar to mine (hanging out, enjoying cocktails and light funny conversations). And contrary to many persons' beliefs - going out, socializing, and enjoying fashion does not require a person to waste money. It's natural like the air, you just have to breathe it in. It doesn't also mean that you are not planning for the future or being stupid. It just means you have time for everything and are doing what you love. True that, God wants us to find happiness and goodness. Everything else just falls into place. When one gets old, you can only wish you can rewind everything back in time and wish you had more F.U.N

I'm feeling home/world sick and found comfort with this dog named Rico

Now I am enjoying alone time in the house. whew.

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