Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Long Day at the City

Today I woke up early to finally walk around the city by myself, or at least with my little sister Liza. Our travel mate and mama's BFF Nanay also arrived in the morning via Philippine Airlines. She was very energetic as usual without any signs of flight fatigue or jetlag. She pushed mama to come and join our walkathon.

In the end, all 5 of us trekked towards the Victoria State Library then to the shopping centers in the city. Joni, me, Liza, Mama, and Nanay. It was very cold but I bet all of us were itching to spend some.

At Bourke street, I found my little heaven of fashion. It's called Sportsgirl and at last, I now own a pair of those liquid latex tights.

Liza and I asked to be left while the others fetch Anya from school. The two of us went to 3 different shopping malls - Myer, David Jones, and Target. Next time we'll go back again to shop even more :D Now I am happy again.

With frozen faces and tired legs, Liza and I just had to grab a seat at Mcdonald's. I was also curious at how this fastfood branch would be different from the one in the Philippines. Everything here is self-service and you have to pay for ketchup. The burger also looks lonely.

That's all for now, we'll be flying to Sydney in a day or two to celebrate Anya's 6th birthday there.

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