Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spa and Coffee

Hours to go before flying and in a short span of time, I can feel stress nodules on my back again. It's called "lamig" in Filipino. Apparently, toxins are released and stored in the lymph nodes of the back when one is stressed or anxious. It makes part of the back tender and you can either have a stiff neck or a stiff back. I had both.

After chatting with my sister Joni, I left to meet Azrael in Galleria where he had a meeting. I could not help but pass by one of my favorite massage parlor called Excelsior. I love their massage because they make your neck pop like a firecracker. I love hearing my bones pop and I imagine them falling back into their original places :) I was not disappointed earlier and was very satisfied with the service. I had the combination massage of shiatsu and swedish. I felt the nodules were plenty moving around on my back and I swear there are still some left.

I left Robinson's Galleria refreshed with a softer back and the stiffness has disappeared. Then off we walked to Metrowalk - I always find it very far. One has to walk very long and cross different streets to get there. It's hard to get a cab in Ortigas area, taxis are like celebrities. Since I am so relaxed, my bangs took a back seat

Starbucks was filled with some bloggers and my sister's BFF Zarah was there whom I was suppose to meet. She had packages for me to bring later to the airport. It's a gift for Anya and my sister.

Then we had a long chat with Janette Toral as usual. I enjoy talking with her because I learn a lot of new things about the Internet and business.

I am tempted to organize another activity with all the opportunities now. However, I think I better enjoy this vacation first.

May the clouds disappear later and may I fly safely and prevent myself from hyperventilating. I plan not to sleep so I get knocked out on the plane. Yet, I'm now very sleepy x.x

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