Saturday, May 23, 2009

At the Kryal Castle, Realizations

Chivalry is not dead. Here comes prince charming trapped in a woman's body.

All of us had fun posing for the camera, especially me! I loved to be able to see a real castle, walk on the wooden bridge, and imagine. Mama had to call our attention because we posed like a hundred times.

I feel so lucky to get to these places and I'm hoping, even more to come! :) I'll be a super good girl so we can fly to other countries we've never been to yet. Traveling is so much fun with the family, lots of first times, memorable moments, and new pictures! yey!

Also, don't you love how reading books or watching movies can contribute to a great travel experience? I like it whenever I come across an item and scream "it's just like what was written on the book!" or "this place reminds me of this movie".

I am also learning through my mom that she wishes for us to be able to give the same experience and comfort we have now to our future children (if ever we'll have one). Hence, it's a wake up call for me not to waste time and get my life into track.

Tito Eric and the Sun at the countryside.

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