Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where's the LOVE?

Please bear with me as I am recuperating from serious heartbreak and withdrawal syndromes. Anyway, I've posted somewhere that persons may leave but love stays inside the heart. The heart is like a library filled with books, then some people come to borrow and return. When there are no more borrowers, the books are simply returned to the library and the library is more complete than ever. What a comparison, I must be going nuts in the head. Please excuse me :)

Today my borrower was nature, I found love on this old tree. We were running around the mansion like what us sisters used to do inside our garden. Weird but I always feel like hugging trees or sitting inside them. I read storybooks that had talking trees with faces illustrated.

Dear tree, can you take me to Wonderland?

Then there's also Anya who can't stay off my back and want to ride me like a horse. I may be missing a familiar kiss but Anya's kisses are priceless like the gold at Sovereign Hills.

My ever reliable sisters, I am never alone as long as they are present. I should rewind my brain back then, when I get by on my own.

Mama who had fun today at the mansion, the rose garden, and the picnic grounds. I wonder how she managed everything in her life. She's so tough no man can break her.

And Tito Eric, who got me a royal looking butter knife as a souvenir. This day is so memorable to me and I'll always cherish this day forever.

Driving (and getting lost) with Vincent was cool too! He always tries to give me advice in a subtle rocker dude manner. Thank you Vincent, I take your advice and comments to heart. I wish every man on the planet was like you.

You people make me feel like crying already!!! But all your love and support make me more beautiful each day. Don't cha!!! :D

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