Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dazed and Confused

I am so confused! Give someone a chance because they don't want to let go and they'll blew it. Why can't people just see the obvious reasons on why things aren't working out. My time, energy, and effort are all wasted.

Sometimes, I get so hyped up and excited because things seem better but the next day, everything just fails. I do not want anymore roller coaster rides. I want a business class smooth as silk flight up in the air.

It's so hard to concentrate when things are hanging in the air, a TRUCE should be give and take.

My advice to self, be invisible for the next few days because I am so tired. If anything happens, I am not involved, my name is out of the picture. I am working on my weight and wardrobe so I am a very busy lady.

Thank you.

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