Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thin, Thinner, Thinnest

Whew! All I can say is whew, crazy month this have been. Lots of things going out of control including my weight! Many fashion skeptics hate it when women decide to shed some pounds to fit into better clothes or look more straight, like a ruler or a hanger. I love the hanger look, once I trimmed down and reach 60 pounds. I looked like an alien, I love aliens :)

For some reasons, I am getting sick of my outfits and it's time to change. I have been skipping lunches, snacks, and dinners here in Melbourne. I think the cold weather is freezing fat inside my thighs. Also, I am getting sick of my flat shoes. I have been wearing flat shoes ever since I left University, I have forgotten how to walk in high heels. If I get lucky later this afternoon, I shall find a nice pair of pumps that will change my life *lol*

Then, sadly my skin is so dry now that I have to consume 8 gallons of water when I get back home. I only consume 1 glass of water here in Australia as I fear of freezing to death. Dry skin is ugly as it is the foundation for wrinkles, blemishes, etc. Whew. Now I have to restart peeling again and shed skin like a snake for a month.

Yet, these things make life wonderful don't you think? Imperfections, extra fat... makes more life interesting because it gives us a project to work on. Now excuse me as I take a before picture of myself :)

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