Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did it skip a day?

I was utterly surprised this morning when I realized it is not Wednesday but Thursday! Looks like Anya needs to teach me the days of the week. I barely slept last night due to 3 teaspoons of instant coffee. The sound of the tram's bell woke me up just before I had rapid eye movement. The tram's bell resembles that of a ringing alarm clock.

Days fly so fast yet I am also excited for my return. It is getting cold here and I am being scolded for wearing shorts inside the house already.

I own a printing press!

I started today by writing, Lace is a frustrated writer. I had words for breakfast. I just can't stop my fingers from tapping the QWERTY and make that annoying typing sound. tak tak tak tik tak.... I've also found a new therapy for those experiencing heartaches and getting EMO. Hold your horses and think of great memories from the past. Persons may leave but memories are yours forever. Nobody can take those from you, they are yours for-evah. Unless you catch Alzheimer's and you can prevent that by writing and reading. So scribble down everything you remember before time fades the brain. I had fun exercising my memory and how I imagine everything so vividly, like they just happened yesterday.

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