Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ink Heart

Excuse me for updating my blog 3 times today :) In an effort to distract myself, I watched a movie with Joni, Vincent, and Liza called Inkheart. I wanted to catch this flick on the big screen but some people said it was boring and was nothing like The Mummy. It starred Brendan Frasier.

If I were a kid then I'll give it 5 stars. Books were plenty in the movie which I loved, characters came out of the books, and people can also be sucked inside the stories. If I were to be sucked inside a book then that book should be... hmm... the book of the four gods? But then, the seven warriors including Tamahome, might offer(feed) me to the Suzaku.

Anyway, I was so much inspired to write and at this point I cannot seem to do anything else but write. Amazing how words on paper can stir up emotions, bring you back to the past, and let you create a world of your own.

I am so inspired or sick, that I am thinking of writing my own book. So I just started to test myself out by creating another blog (shoot me). Before I turn this blog into a novel, I am now going to force myself to sleep. Good night wherever you are.

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