Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eating Noodles

Yes I think my old blog style is back, just pure thoughts flowing from my brain to the keyboard. As I am waiting for my 3 minute SamYang noodles to become edible, I am also reading Jessica Zafra's blog which is pure entertainment. Also, I am chatting with an old good friend of mine who has been keeping me company the whole time. Let's call the friend Casper, the friendly ghost.

Boys Be

We were talking also about old Japanese Anime and the opening and ending songs. I like Boys Be the cheesy anime being shown by AXN when I was in high school, primarily because of the opening song called Daijobu or Alright in english.

I am definitely that - alright. And I can't believe myself too! I want to give myself a medal. Maybe all I need to do is listen to old songs I used to love, Lace is back. Hakuna Matata, I'll deal with whatever when I get back to the Philippine soil.

Internet Fun

Today I've also cleaned up lots of Internet accounts like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and Facebook. After dinner, someone suddenly had a copy of that famous scandal, not starring the famous actress. All I can say is that the guy in that scandal deserves an award for lasting 40 minutes every time. It is just unfortunate how the video was leaked but who is to blame right?

Even More

I was also talking about (to my real friends online) how I used to be such a home buddy and how much I wanted a home buddy type of guy. Curling up with a hotdog sandwich, ice cream, listening to music, and not so much of being too outgoing talking to people I am really not interested in. What I enjoy are peaceful dates without a whole crowd at the back, movies that are regularly screened without those red carpet or premier night queues, so much time saved and more quality romantic dates. I think somewhere along the way I bumped my head and forgot what I really wanted. Daydreaming on, I like hours of cuddling while reading books, watching TV together and discussing different issues and opinions in an educated sexy manner. More so, I never waited for any men or talked to them unless they talked to me.

Now my noodles are all in my tummy, dear diary. I'm turning in for the night and I am so much excited for the days to come. I am going to get what I want :)

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