Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fancy Things, Nothing is for Free

Without taking a shower I walked to the city today haha :) I just put on my cap, jacket, and rubber shoes. I wake up so late here in Melbourne and heard my mom inviting everyone to go shopping (again). Oh how I love my mom! :p

We went to Degraves St., Flinders Lane, Royal Arcade, and the GPO. The walk was long but we found so many treasures. Like another Nine West bag, and a couple of brooches.

The shopping spree colored my day so much happy but sometimes, there are trolls along the way. Like when I got online and got shut down. I am also looking for work now. People need to work, if you want to party you have to work. If you want to live in a great house, you have to work. You may pretend you are an earner but you'll end up starving sooner than you think. Even people with money need to work in order to learn and respect themselves. Nothing is for free.

Anyway, I am also looking at new pumps and a nice tailored blazer :) But maybe I'll get them when I come back.

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