Sunday, May 17, 2009

Melbourne at Night

And I thought Melbourne's nightlife was missing! Every cool person was on the streets of Lonsdale, Burke, and lane ways of the city last Saturday night.

Audrey took me with her friends for an endless night out starting off with a casual friendly dinner at Groove Train in Melbourne Central. Everyone had the Japanese fever and when we walked pass Harajuku Cafe the girls could not resist these yummy cute crepes.

Then to Baraki, a simple bar with no fancy laser lights just people dancing and couches to rest in. The vibe was so relaxed and casual where you can dance to your heart's desire. Music that night was provided by a live band who played mostly RnB's. The DJ played dance music from the early 2000 era like It's Getting Hot in Here and Missy Eliot. Nostalgic!

At around 12AM we were ready to go for hot drinks, people were everywhere. Now we are talking night life Melbourne! Kelvin showed us to this hidden lounge called Manchuria. Pub's in Melbourne are mostly underground or you got to take the stairs. You can find random doors in the veins of the city and you'll never know what's inside until you come in.

Alfred, another cousin was partying hard in Khokolat so Audrey and I went for last round of drinks (read: Sparkling Water) in Golden Buddha. It reminded me of China gangster movies where the mafia lounge in luxurious couches with intricate interior design. Lovely, the place was so comforting and was perfect to rest tired legs from all the dancing and walking.

The night has cured my being homesick from all the happenings and nightlife in Manila. Thank you Audrey and Alfred, you've successfully evangelized me and you definitely know how to parteh until morning.

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