Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An attempt to write

Watching Californication, Hank (David Duchovny) said that nowadays, people blog instead of write. That words are slowly losing their worth with the advent of LOLs and BRBs. I can't help but agree and I myself am guilty of blogging instead of writing. What's the difference? Blogging may be a free flow of words that are not so well-thought of, like an outpour of cranky emotions. Writing, on the other hand is an art, much like a painting - one has to dry and layer to come up with a meaningful picture.

This brings me to marry passion and writing, I always think of how passionate people like artists, musicians, and actors come up with the most effective words. With artists, I refer to seasoned dead ones who are no longer with us like Edgar Allan Poe or Da Vinci. More so, people who have been scarred by life. The most meaningful pieces come from either love or anger, unrequited love or flaming sensuality.

I have an insight on how the online world can categorize persons into say fashionista, eventologists, gate-crashers, food lovers, etc. By being sorted I feel limited, won't you? Maybe as life is complicated people try hard to make sense by classification. Yet, by being nobody but just as YOU then one can be an artist and experience life like an art.

Then all we need is courage to break free from boundaries, persons, and embrace something unfamiliar yet inspiring, life itself.

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