Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Rainy Day at Glorietta 5

If I have lots of money, I will hang out at Glorietta 5. Last Tuesday, we didn't want to waste the traffic of going to Manila so we opted to use some golden GC's at Tokyo Tokyo Metro. What a great way to experience dining in the new Glorietta 5 haha :)

It was raining and I loved the big glass windows. I felt like singing "It's Gonna Rain" from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. I loved how we were only the diners around except for another table of teenagers having fun.

Look at these lovely bentos, ahhhhh~
How to translate Chicken Barbecue in Japanese?
Sushi Tray
Something that tasted like a delicious Pata Tim hahaha

I am praying we get to go out again by ourselves, he is starting to realize the beauty of privacy and rediscover the art of dating.

Went home with 5 boxes of sushis for mama. California maki is always the best for me. I miss the sushi rolls in QV.

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