Friday, June 26, 2009

Spinning Around - June

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with Bobby Chinn

With blogger friends, after our trip to the SM Discovery Center - we squeezed ourselves into Ria's car (thank you very much) and drove to Boni High Street. Bobby Chinn was there talking about coffee, food, and his travel experiences.

I'll always miss the desserts we had that night and wish that I can get them every time, even at home. Coffee and desserts seem to vary in taste depending on who you are with, the ambiance, the energy around you... much like any type of food.

LG Health Collection Launch at Shangrila Hotel

Met Angel Aquino who reminds me that I should eat healthy. I always admire models and their discipline when it comes to diet and fitness. LG chose her to be the face of their latest collection of stylish and super high-tech appliances. If I win the lottery and have a new house, I'll probably get everything and pretend like the perfect housewife in koreanovelas.

The Ridiculous Burger at Burger Avenue

Hans was at the porch and welcomed us to Burger Avenue. Azrael took the ridiculous burger challenge wherein he had to finish one giant burger with 3 patties in less than 5 minutes. Diners who get to win this challenge need not pay for the ridiculous burger, so if you want to eat for free, swallow your burger in less than 5 minutes!

I enjoyed the time with Ada and Jonel, watching Jonel and Azrael stuff their face with burgers was exciting. Ada just had a regular burger and I had the "sexy burger" with lettuce leaves in place of bread buns.

Proceed to Style and Relax to view the detailed story on each of my "adventures"

On a more personal note, I am still waiting for calls and as of the moment, I am just focusing on writing for my blogs. I've resurrected Pinay Money Maker which had 7 adsense clicks today alone. Friends have advised me to try selling links which I am now doing to keep upfloat. But dear family who are reading this, I am still "waiting" for work (and waiting for that one call), I am not bumming around and I am using my time seriously that my brain is already going to explode. I've been selling stuff here and there and thankful that friends are willing to help. Suddenly, I feel like a squatter in my own home x.x Yet, I have a plan which I believe in and stick to, I want to think positive and get what I really want and love to do rather than settle for something I might just regret. I want to write. Maybe God is teaching me how to be patient :)

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