Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shoes, Gadgets, and Mojitos

My first day out in Manila since Melbourne. It was quiet rainy yesterday but I was excited to be at the VNC occasion at Milky Way bar in the afternoon. Who wouldn't love shoes right? I went home with two new pairs of pumps which I got from their Glorietta 3 store.

I had fun shopping with Sasha (super fashion blogger) and Annalyn (super blogger) for the first time. Thank you ladies for the ride and the company :)

On the other hand, there were some shocking moments yesterday which made me feel really weird. Not to mention, I was with Azrael who accompanied me the whole day/night. I felt for the first time in my life that I am a mistress and it just needed to be celebrated! After all, my favorite koreanovela is My Husband's Woman and I loved the mistress which had curly hair and knew how to get whatever she wanted. Anyway, I hope some people are not too dense to realize the obvious and just fall back to where they belong.

It was also great chatting with some persons who have given their piece of minds, observations, etc. And it called for another glass of mojito.

Azrael just needed to buy me a drink on his account. Let's just be drinking buddies ahaha. I had a very weird day! Kind of bittersweet because I still love the shoes I got and another sweet video and mp3 player. Thank you very much. What I don't know is if everything can really be back to normal after knowing what I know and trusted some persons I thought were friends but stepped outside their boundaries. Sorry to say that there can only be one Lace, unless you clone me of course. You can try to get my clothes, shoes, my haircut, my bangs, my bags, my blogs, my friends, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, and ex-girlfriends, persons I love, but it is still going to be me. If you think it is you, then you are probably right.

I thank you, bow.

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